About the Dothraki blog

This blog is run by the Language Creation Society (LCS), to discuss its work on the Dothraki language in HBO’s show A Game of Thrones, based on the works of George R. R. Martin (GRRM).

“Game of Thrones” and “Dothraki” are trademarks of GRRM. The books in the series are his copyright. All are fully licensed to HBO.

All extant words in the Dothraki language are copyright of HBO, as is the text and audio of the language documents provided to HBO by the LCS.

Other than the Dothraki words and quotes of others’ material (including HBO’s or GRRM’s), which are used with permission and/or fair use, all content on this blog is original and copyright of the LCS. Permission is given to HBO and GRRM to use any material on this blog freely.

Others may use any LCS material on this blog for non-commercial purposes only, if they in turn allow others to use their derivative works and give the LCS credit and a link to this blog, under Creative Commons’ by-nc-sa license.

In plain English: feel free to use whatever you like, but give us credit, make it public, and don’t make money off it. (News and other media, please email lcs@conlang.org or call +1 (918) 9-CONLANG (926-6526) if you’re on a deadline.)

An email to dothraki@conlang.org or Twitter post tagged #dothraki to let us know is also always appreciated.