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On hold for now

We are going to be mostly staying quiet for a while, until the Game of Thrones production team decides what they want to do in terms of publicity etc. This is still very early in, and things will ramp up when we get towards showtime. (You will however see a little more new info released through talks and interviews.)

We’ve got some ideas for how to make this blog (and other venues) an engaging way to regularly release new info on Dothraki and give ways for fans to participate. We’d like to get a real fan community going around the languages of Game of Thrones – including Dothraki and potentially some of the other languages in the book, like Valyrian.

In the meantime, while we’re in the planning stage, we’d really like to get your ideas and support.

What do you want to see us do? How can we best involve the fan community in this? Please let us know on the forum and on your blogs. We’ll see anything on Twitter tagged #dothraki; please email dothraki@conlang.org with a link to anything else in case we miss it.

One of the big factors in what we do is going to be your enthusiasm for this, so please spread the word and let us (and HBO!) know what you want.

Fonas chek!

New official home of Dothraki

We’ve moved from just a webpage to an actual blog, to make things a bit easier. We hope to be making regular updates with new information… TBD.

Anyway, all your old links still work (they’ve been redirected here).

We could definitely use someone to help make the page look better. Any WordPress / CSS / Photoshop savvy fans willing to help out?