Game of Thrones Premiere

The series premiere of Game of Thrones is tonight on HBO at 9 p.m. If you don’t get HBO, bear in mind that HBO is free this weekend on a number of cable providers, so check with yours, and check out the show!

If you’re interested in discussing the Dothraki language, the place to go is the Dothraki language forums. If you want to discuss the show in general or the Song of Ice and Fire Series, the place to go is

We hope you enjoy the show! Fonas chek!

Two New Interviews

Jace Lacob (Televisionary) wrote two new articles on Game of Thrones, one of which features an interview with David about Dothraki.

Also, if you happen to subscribe to Wired UK (the print magazine), there’s an infographic describing how to create a language that also features Dothraki (if you go to the current preview, you can view it on the fourth page. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy a copy of the magazine).

New Dothraki Post at the Making of Blog

The Making Game of Thrones production blog has just posted a new Dothraki language post. Check it out!

Dothraki 101 @ Making Game of Thrones

The Making Game of Thrones production blog has just posted an intro to the Dothraki language. Check it out!

Interview w/ Usona Esperantisto

Jim Henry interviewed David & Sai for Usona Esperantisto, the journal of Esperanto USA. See the article (PDF) or entire issue (PDF).

The version published in Usona is excerpted from a much longer version, which is published on Jim Henry’s website.

You may also want to take a look at HBO’s official Making of Game of Thrones blog, which has glimpses of the production and interviews with other people involved in working on the show. It’s an immense project. We’re honored to be contributing our part alongside so many other talented people who are giving as much attention to detail in all other aspects of the show as we are to the Dothraki language.

Usona Esperantisto article & issue republished with permission. Thanks, Hoss!

Interview w/

David was interviewed by Wired’s GeekDad, Dave Banks. Take a look!

We have a fan site!

Go take a look at

We know the guys behind it (who also did and we think they’re pretty awesome. They will have our support, but will stay completely independent from us; it’s a site for fans, by fans and we respect that.

If you want to help out, you should definitely get in contact with Lajaki / Sebastian, or just go to their wiki. interview

David Peterson & Sai Emrys interviewed by Andrei Serov of in English and Russian.

Note: David’s answers were originally in English, and Sai’s in Russian; the other language versions were translated by Andrei.

Scientific American “Fantasy TV in the service of science” & response

Joshua Hartshorne recently wrote us an open letter entitled “Fantasy TV in the service of science,” posted as a guest blog by Scientific American.

David Peterson (creator of Dothraki) and Sai Emrys (LCS president) emailed him immediately after its posting. David’s response, kindly posted by Scientific American, takes into account what was discussed during a fairly lengthy conversation.

We hope you enjoy the dialogue. If you have more to contribute, please make a blog post and email or twitter #dothraki with the link. interview

David & Sai were interviewed by Ellen B. Wright for Go read it!

EDIT: по-русски: Интервью со словарём – создатель дотракийского о новом языке (полный перевод) Дэвид Питерсон и Сэй Эмрис о Дотракине (пересказ и частичный перевод)