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  • George R. R. Martin: “Lots of characters speak the language of the horselords in my novels, and I did pepper the text with a few Dothraki words like khal and arakh… but for the most part I was content just to say, “They were speaking Dothraki,” and give the sense of what was said, playing with the syntax and sentence rhythms a bit to convey a flavor. That would obviously not work for television, however, where you actally have to HEAR what the characters are saying, even if you don’t necessarily understand the words. So when the pilot was filmed, HBO brought in a world-class expert to create a Dothraki tongue that went well beyond my “khaleesi” and “khalasar.””

    • twistedsheets10: “Hell yes! I’ve been wondering about the Dothraki and Valyrian languages for so long. ♥ Good luck, Mr. Peterson! Meanwhile, I need to find out the proper Dothraki for “it is known.” I need this like burning. XD”
    • amina_yui: “This is so awesome! I can’t wait to hear it. Will the same thing be done with High Valyrian?”
    • egowumpus: “I think it’s fantastic that you’re comfortable and proud enough of your creation that you can let other people freely play in it, and build more of it. I’m pretty excited for the series: moreso now that it seems like it’s the collaboration of a lot of talented artists, rather than just the brain child of one awesome one. :)”
    • doubleplus: “Sounds awesome. Thinking about it, it would seem that Dothraki is the most urgent need because it’s a foreign language to the viewpoint character who encounters it, whereas the Common Tongue isn’t, so it would be awkward not to have it be represented by English. I can’t recall; is High Valyrian actually spoken (perhaps in religious ceremonies) or is it purely a historical and written language, like Latin in the late medieval period? I’m wondering if enough of it is necessary that is it going to be developed at some point, or if the few words you have will be enough that it would be an unnecessary production expense, much as the fans would love it. ;-)”
    • syneiam: “How amazing! I can’t wait to see that on screen! Really, creating a whole language is the most difficult – Tolkien did an amazing job, truly – and it should really be interesting to watch! Props to David J. Perterson!”
    • andstillitmoves: “This is truly awesome and amazing. 🙂 (And of great comfort to us other aspiring writers who are sitting and going ‘wah, I can’t make up whole languages!!1’)”
    • sevvem: “WoW! This is great 🙂 Creating languages must be really fun to do. In any case, congratulations to Peterson for doing this :)”
    • brian_kemp: “As a geek who loves the details as much as I love the story, I can’t wait to get my hands on an English to Dothraki dictionary.”
    • silentinflames: “I am especially looking forward to reading the love poems!! :D”
    • ralf_eugen: “genious! looks very ‘authentic’ to me :)”
    • khar_ghatten: “This sounds awesome! While I don’t watch TV (and was therefore unlikely to see your miniseries) I may have to find it somewhere just to listen to the language. The linguist in me is bouncing up and down. :D”
    • nimarii: “WOW – the language sounds great, and I didn’t think it was possible, but I am definitely even more excited for the HBO show. I hope that the actors don’t have too tough a time with it, I myself gave up trying to pronounce “nonsense” after 4 or 5 times…”

  • SF-bokhandeln i Malmö: “Bådar gott ör att tv-serien ska bli så genomarbetad som vi hoppas!”
  • James Poniewozik, Tuned In: “I don’t usually do blog posts about production details in TV series that don’t air for another year. But most TV shows do not entail inventing an entire freaking language.”

    • Rorschach: “Next time I get depressed about a politician or reality show I’m going to cheer myself up with the knowledge that there is a Language Creation Society. Well done, humanity”
    • macevangelist: “This is great news! Now I can shout at my bloodriders in proper language!”

  • Annalee Newitz, IO9: “Bodes well for worldbuilding in this show.”
  • Jay Tomio, BSC Review: “I just got this from HBO, and it looks like fans of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series are getting the ultimate sign of making it in the nerd kingdom – our own secret language! Move over Klingon and Sindarin fluent losers brethren, and get ready for the stallion that mounts the world.”
  • Winter is Coming: “Cool stuff! We had heard back during filming that they had hired a linguistic expert to work up a Dothraki vocabulary, but I never realized it was being done to this extent. Just shows how serious HBO and David & Dan are taking this adaptation.”

    • Fubar: “I truly hate it when fantasy and sci-fi skimps on the language issue, it really puts me off watching the show. Also, considering how many people now speak Klingon, I’d hardly call it irrellevant ;-)”
    • Nymeria: “Wow! That’s awesome! And that is one way I wouldn’t mind the TV series to influence GRRM’s work on the rest of the series books. I mean, why not use a language created for your own world and characters, once it already exists? You get to add a substantial element of completeness to the world you created without spending God knows how many years studying languages and creating one (or more, as might yet be the case). In other words, you get closer to a Tolkien masterpiece without sweating it :)”
    • @weterosorg: “An observation: Conlang is an enjoyable hobby for its practicioners, and for some it’s a real passion. I suspect it certainly is for Mr. Peterson. How many people get paid to indulge in their hobbies? ;)”
    • Demokritos: “…this is awesome. Also, with TV, they probably will need a bit more than what’s in the books. I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing there are times when George sidesteps dothraki language by simply describing tones of conversations heard by Dany. With TV, they don’t have that option. There’s also the marketing angle to consider. I know I’d snap up a reasonably priced Dothraki-English dictionary pretty fast.”
    • sjwenings: “If theres a meaning and structure behind it all that goes with the subtitles, it would just sound better even if you don’t actually understand the language. If i just make up some weird words, it’s not going to sound good just because i insist it’s an actual language.”
    • Nymeria: “…they had to give the actors something to work with. I mean, you can’t rely on them making up a series of sounds that kind of have the same overall feeling! might as well have them say “blah blah blah” over and over!”
    • Critical_Geek: “/nerdgasm Now this is what “attention to detail” is all about.”
    • @sgnp: “If [David Benioff]’s true to the story, the Drogo and his people will speak Dothraki on screen at all times, except in the rare occasions when they are speaking to Dany in her own language.”
    • dimensionallyT: “Beyond awesome! This is exactly the kind of nerdiness we need on WiC, a drip-feed of Dothraki phraseology. Tee hee.”
    • George: “And then I heard it spoken. Based on WiC’s post, it wasn’t up on the LCS page “dedicated to Dothraki” when he wrote his update, but the are some MP3s of it up now. I was pretty impressed, and completely won over.”
    • @LivveHult: “AWE-SOME!!!! To hear it outloud… Wow… Me like…”

  • Westeros: “From a fan perspective, this latest news is quite remarkable because it shows the degree to which the producers envision the series as an immersive experience, bringing viewers into the living, breathing world of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.”

    • Datepalm: “So just how geeky will I seem if I admit I think this is the coolest bit of the whole project so far?”
    • Other-in-Law: “This is awesome news! I’m so glad they’ve gone this route (rather than merely using some existing real world language, as some suggested).”
    • Kat: “I too had a serious geekgasm when I read this.”
    • Brude: “This stuff is awesome.”
    • SerNotAppearingOnThisBoard: “I can’t believe I didn’t know there was a Language Creation Society before I heard this news. Totally geeking out right now. “

  • Westeros: “As we noted from our initial report, LCS has the potential to provide all language creation services for the series, which could mean Valyrian and its dialects, and even the language of the First Men, could be on the table in the
  • Andrew Girdwood: “HBO has announced one more geek language. Now we can enjoy Dothraki.”
  • Adam Whitehead: “another sign that HBO are taking this project very seriously.”
  • SciFi Wire: “What Star Trek did for Klingon and James Cameron did for Avatar’s Na’vi, HBO is doing for its upcoming fantasy series Game of Thrones: The network will create a new language – in this case, Dothraki, the tongue of the
    saga’s nomadic warriors.”
  • SFF Chronicles: “It is good to know…that there are resources such as the Language Creation Society to help when a writer decides that a new language is just what their novel needs.”
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    • @lynneNaranek: “the linguist in me is geeking out at development of Dothraki I so can’t wait for GRRM’s HBO series”
    • @mymymymitchell: “HBO has hired some language experts to craft an actual, workable language for the Dothraki. (THPARE NO EXTHPENTHE! Very exthpenthive)”
    • @cyborgwolfboy: “time to take up another language:”
    • @El_Ave_Sin_Nido: “Not a conspiracy: there’s a Language Creation Society for conlangs (constructed languages) like… Dothraki?”
    • @smolderingink: “Nerdgasm! Expert Hired to Create Dothraki Language for HBO’s Game of Thrones”
    • @relsqui: “COOOOOL. This guy has the best job ever.”
    • @drakelelane: “@conallen already brushing up on my Dothraki ;)”
    • @kohath: “Grats to @dedalvs for getting the job designing the Dothraki language for HBO’s Game of Thrones. (I applied but didn’t make it to finalist…)
    • @Dedalvs: “Haven’t made a post in awhile, but wanted to let everyone know I created the Dothraki language for HBO’s Game of Thrones. It’s been fun!”
    • @arthaey: “Congrats to @dedalvs for getting a paying gig conlanging #Dothraki for HBO’s “Game of Thrones” series!”
    • @houseofcinders: probably late to the game on this, but i’m thrilled to pieces to learn that there is such a REAL THING as the Language Creation Society.
    • @Axechucker: “@poniewozik Awesome Dothraki linguistics article. I LOL’d for reals. Bloody rare. #GameofThrones is a win thus far.”
    • @moryan: “#GameofThrones news: GoT developing language for Dothraki characters. Nerdbrain activated! @poniewozik has more:”
    • @vaxjedi: “HBO’s #agameofthrones show has a #conlang for Dothraki, from the Language Creation Society: #songoffireandice”
    • @grrlaction: “This is the nerdiest thing I’m happy about today;”
    • @JavierCintax: “@WLJasper Didja see they’ve fleshed out Dothraki into a language with 1,800 words? (via @WiC_Blog)”
    • @Jonathan_Ross: “New life goal – become fluent in Dothraki”
    • @BSCreview: “But by the time it’s over everybody following me better be able to count to10 backwards in Dothraki.”
    • @BSCreview: “I may have to quit bsc just so I can study Dothraki.”
    • @The_Rabbit01: “I can not help myslef but I could imagine only Clingon as familiar language to Dothraki. Silly mood. Monday.”
    • @ditzkoff: “HBO counters TBS with its own huge news: they’ve hired a linguistics expert to create the Dothraki language for Game of Thrones.”
    • @KateAurthur: “HBO just announced that a language expert will create the Dothraki language for #gameofthrones. Just when I was at Level II Na’vi.”
    • @poniewozik: “HBO is getting Cameronian, hiring an expert to create the Dothraki language for #GameofThrones. How do horsemen say “geekgasm”?”